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ByAJ Waller

The sinking sun slowly slips her skirts
Of flaming orange and blushing reds
In seductive curtsey to the ending day
A paramour’s wiggle in a twilight sky
Her finger warm upon the lips of dusk
Ere the cloak of night unfurls
And hides her softly smiling face
These two lovers shall never meet
Nor feel the passion of keen embrace
Her wooing rebuffed by coming night
For darkness wears a hidden face
And yearns for the hand of virgin dawn
A femme fatale to caress in shadows
Beneath a silent waning moon
Oh shining mistress of the sky
This night is not for you

ByKodjo Deynoo

Graced and adorned
by the rays of the morning lights ,
bringing new life into today,
fighting off the last breath of darkness,
that engulfed my yesterday
where the unknown freely roam.

Sounds from the birds
Echoing like an African drum
announces the birth
of a new day

On this day I am born again
coming out of my hibernation
to be continued
a chapter unfinished
before the death of my yesterday

resolutions and audits
made on the last breath
of my yesterday
errors of my ways
to be resolved today

Morning lights that
brings the birth of my

ByKriti Raju

A hundred years I waited, hoping against hope,
A thousand miles, a million moons and many a hangman’s rope.

An aeon I had watched, a lifetime I had slaved,
A countless burning years, slaving in your wake.

Through a blazing trail of fear, a blackened path of doom,
Through a scorching sultry summer, and an icy winter gloom.

With a manic bubble of laughter, a tragic gurgle of pain,
A panicked cry of terror, and a many a broken chain.

With soundless cries of joyful ache, tearless sobs of woe,
Through aisles and dreams and distant screams and many a bedecked row,

I’d jumped and danced and gaily pranced, I’d run and I had spun,
I’d walked and swooned and prettily mooned, every ending I’d begun.

Years from now, when you come for me, I’ll look at you and say,
“I’d awaited you for an eternity, now I’ll be going on my way.”

ByKriti Raju

I went back to my home today,
the one I’d left behind when,
unable to endure I had,
run away to never return, again.

Later, finally grounded I,
felt the need for roots and so,
I upped and headed home,
having never forgotten that route.

I knocked once on my wooden door,
And then I knocked again,
I knocked until my knuckles bled,
I would not force, but I would not bend.

An hour later, when my arm was numb,
I glared at the stout doorway,
It had never quite occurred to me that,
Home could also run away.

ByKriti Raju

Under the stone-paved bridge there knelt,
A dainty lass with blue-gray eyes
–eyes so blue they mocked the skies,
and yet so gray they shamed away,
the storm clouds and their thunder belts.

She reached a fragile hand to stay,
A wild daisy, bedewed and cold,
whose silver petals then turned to gold,
But gold to petal’s like rust to metal,
And leeched the daisy’s life away.

Then a bullfrog bounded boldly up,
And her oak-brown skin did admire,
But his own marred hide invoked her ire,
So she glared, and he promptly flared,
and into bits of gray-green frog blew up.

Then came the rain, in torrents great,
She ran to the womb of the upward flood,
To dance insanely in the water’s blood,
But the rain stopped dead, and the water fled,
She smiled at the earth’s dark fate.

A slash of oil stained her face,
Then one and one and one more came,
Till the earth choked upon her shame.
She took a breath and blighted Death,
and then besmirched all earthly place.

And then she cried. Fat, rounded tears,
Fell on blackened ground to undo,
The curse she’d confined the earthlings to,
Then with a grin she banished Sin,
And rebirthed the earth sans the smears.

ByKriti Raju

Welcome, stranger. Enter, please!
Embrace the sleaze and fine Disease,
Besides, Outside made inside you,
A creature spawned of monster slew,
Why deny damned demon needs?
So welcome, stranger, and enter, please.

Go through the open doors, the gates!
Skate the blades, defy the Slates,
And please amend that awful trend,
Of honor false and pride pretend,
Rid your soul, your skin, of Weights,
And go through, stranger, through those gates.

Can you feel the satin skins?
The velvet veils and the wanton winds?
Un-temper the tame, un-labor the lame,
Do shed that shroud of shallow shame,
There are no losses where there aren’t wins,
So…can you feel those satin skins?

Step into the room, the room! my friend,
Discard the sense of doom, of End,
Bathe in the blood, in the red, red blood,
Un-quench what Outside had slaked with Mud,
And thirst to spend and on spirits depend,
Once you step into the tomb, my friend.

Look, my guest, look, it’s Him!
The clouds of smoke His figure dim,
Oh, how handsome! Oh, how fearsome!
Oh, how terribly, awesomely wholesome!
Why work when one can wield a whim?
Follow His caprice, His avarice, Him!

Enter, stranger, into the House of Sin,
Note the noise, the moans, the din,
Are you in Heaven? Or are you in Hell?
You mayn’t know, but if you do, won’t tell,
Because the House is what you are within,
A demon, a beast and a House, for Sin.

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