By – Marina Bonomi

No, this is not that famous lake,
Truly it’s just my backyard pond,
That flash of silver in the water
It’s simply a fish, and not a sword.

I’m not a druidess, nor a fey
A normal woman is what I am
A common job, household chores…
Just now and then I play with words.

I wear no torque, I bear no crown
I’m neither Morgan or Guinevere
Or Nimue, Enid or poor Iseult
All those you know from books or songs.

And yet, when standing upon the shore
Within the quiet and the twilight
Sometimes I think that there’s more
To it than fables and play-of-light.

As the Wind rises from the Water,
As Fire flickers on the Ground,
It feels like I hear a voice
Whispering words, without a sound.

‘My daughter, strong and loyal be,
There is still magic in the world:
In love, in duty freely chosen,
In friendship true, in honest word’.

Arthur is gone, the Lake’s a pond,
Merlin is here no more
But if your need is great enough
That flash of silver…may be a sword.