ByKriti Raju

A hundred years I waited, hoping against hope,
A thousand miles, a million moons and many a hangman’s rope.

An aeon I had watched, a lifetime I had slaved,
A countless burning years, slaving in your wake.

Through a blazing trail of fear, a blackened path of doom,
Through a scorching sultry summer, and an icy winter gloom.

With a manic bubble of laughter, a tragic gurgle of pain,
A panicked cry of terror, and a many a broken chain.

With soundless cries of joyful ache, tearless sobs of woe,
Through aisles and dreams and distant screams and many a bedecked row,

I’d jumped and danced and gaily pranced, I’d run and I had spun,
I’d walked and swooned and prettily mooned, every ending I’d begun.

Years from now, when you come for me, I’ll look at you and say,
“I’d awaited you for an eternity, now I’ll be going on my way.”